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Thai 8  A Big Welcome to THAI VEGETABLES & RICE!

We at Harvest are really proud of our new savory Thai Vegetables and Rice.  A spirited blend of rich tomato sauce, creamy coconut milk and many spices create a very tasty new entree for you to try!  It includes 6 vegetables – onions, corn, green beans, tomatoes, cauliflower and mushrooms along with instant rice for a fast cooking and filling meal.  Be sure to pack this dinner for your next trip!


With this delectably creamy blend of rice, cranberries, and vegetables, you are really going to savor the newest dinner on our menu – Cranberry Risotto.  Not only is it an appetizing and hearty meal, it is also Gluten controlled.  Give this delicious and nutritious Harvest entrée a try on your next adventure!





Penne on Plate Edit

New Harvest Entrée! – PENNE CARBONARA

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new entrée – Penne Carbonara.  This great tasting meal includes a 4 grain Gluten Free Pasta which is made from white & brown rice, corn and quinoa flour and is served with a creamy bacon flavoured sauce.  It is a vegetarian dinner, but like all of our meals it is sure to satisfy the hungriest of adventurers.  As all of the ingredients are Gluten Free, but we cannot guarantee they were processed in a gluten free facility, it is labeled as Gluten Controlled.

A delicious new addition to our menu!

Solar Shot


As of June 2013, Harvest officially went off the grid.  Our energy requirements are now completely produced through solar panels.  This strengthens our commitment to staying as environmentally conscientious as possible as with our packaging and business practices.  Here’s to keeping a healthier planet for us all to go out and enjoy!